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Meditator 1

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Meditator 1

The Meditator (Summer/Fall 2016)

The art I was creating was medium to large sized (11×14inches to 19×24inches).

I wanted to create art that was a little smaller than that. A little more personal to the viewer. I wanted to create small intimate pieces where the person could experience a more personal connection with that one particular piece.

I could be the combination of colors, the skull patterns, the man/woman camouflaged with the piece…whatever.

I also wanted to get back into incorporating layers of various colors and patterns as well, such as “Smile at Fear” and “Fear, Anger”

I still believe those two works are still my strongest ones, that I have ever created to date.

Another issue I wanted to address is the title. I wanted it be more simple. Mediation doesn’t have to be deeply worded and phrase, like the earlier works I created.

Meditation is actually very simple and anyone can practice meditation. I doesn’t belong to one particular race, culture, gender nor country.

Even though you can see a person meditating, the detail of their face is totally forgotten. That blank face could be you, could be me, could be a friend, could be an enemy.

It could be anyone.

Anyone and everyone has the ability to meditate and everyone has the ability to change from within.

Meditation is for anyone who chooses to practice meditation.


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